Despite decades of research supporting the benefits of compression socks, the market mostly catered to elite athletes or lacked comfort, style, and size options for everyday wear. This neglect left many, especially larger Americans who could benefit most, underserved. Introducing Wellow compression socks: designed for function, size inclusivity, and style.


Behavioral Insight

Our Strategy was informed by the Von Restorff Effect and the Red Sneaker Effect, which highlight the importance of distinctiveness and breaking convention. Compression socks prior to Wellow were typically monotone and packaged similarly to other socks in stores. Wellow's branding aimed to be approachable,vibrant, and distinct, setting it apart from competitors. Additionally, its inclusive sizing offered a unique option in the market.



Wellow was founded on the belief that small changes can make a significant difference. Our mission was to empower individuals to improve their health by simply wearing compression socks. We translated this insight into our product naming and design. The name "Wellow" combines "well" with the surprise and delight we aimed for consumers to feel upon wearing them.

To stand out on social media, we developed a photography style with bold color-blocking. Our website, hellowellow.com, immersed consumers in our brand story and provided a refreshing shopping experience.  Leveraging social proof, we amplified our message across various platforms like Meta, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, CTV, and Google.



  • 300,000 customers in the first two years
  • 400% YoY growth
  • Named to Fast Company Most Innovative list in 2024

Results have far exceeded expectations, with Wellow successfully reaching over 300,000 customers in the first two years with sales increasing by 400% in 2023 alone. The brand has successfully established itself as a leader in the compression sock market and was named to the prestigious Fast Company Most Innovative Brands list in 2024.

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